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I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ramas during her tenure as the New Physician member of the American Academy of Family Physicians Board of Directors and observing her further involvement in organized medicine. I can attest to her significant and demonstrated leadership abilities and expertise, especially in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion. She continues to lead as a trusted subject matter expert in this space to embolden family physicians and other clinicians to transform their practices and the broader healthcare system to achieve the critical goal of health equity.
Douglas E. Henley, MD, FAAFP
Executive Vice President/CEO Emeritus
American Academy of Family Physicians


It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Ramas. She brings strength of conviction, wisdom, and energy to the conversations we have to improve the health of people in New Hampshire. Dr. Ramas has helped ensure that we are making active progress in the work of the NH Governor’s State Health Assessment and State Health Improvement Plan Advisory Council, including as Chair of the subcommittee focused on community engagement since 2020. Her passion, intelligence, advocacy, and ability to articulate vision have been an asset to the advancement of our work.
Jo Porter, MPH
Director, Institute for Health Policy and Practice, UNH
Co-chair, APCD Council


In 2018, Dr Ramas was selected nationally as one of 18 Scholars for the Women’s Wellness through Equity and Leadership project (WEL), which includes an 18-month curriculum for early- to mid-career women physicians. Dr Ramas, who was selected to represent the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), was viewed as a “leader among leaders.” I had the privilege of working with Dr Ramas in my former role as Director of WEL, and it is remarkable and exciting to see her continue to amplify her skills, knowledge, and passion to help others succeed and flourish.

V. Fan Tait, MD, FAAP
Former Chief Medical Officer
American Academy of Pediatrics


I have had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Dr. Ramas on several initiatives on health equity both inside our respective specialty of Family Medicine and outside of academic circles. She continues to lead as a trusted subject matter expert in the space of health, equity, and justice. She is a trusted voice in the community and abroad and has appeared on major television networks speaking on the health of our nation. Dr. Ramas’ authenticity and sincerity is palpable. She is a joy to work with.

Manisha Sharma – Centivox.com


Medical and healthcare information can be sterile, unapproachable and intimidating to patients, especially patients that have not historically been able to trust the medical establishment. Dr. Ramas has a talent for translating these concepts and vocabulary to meaningful messaging for lay audiences, her patients and the communities she serves. Because she knows her audience, she starts with “why” the information matters to them, opening communication pathways founded in trust and respect. We all count on reliable, relatable messengers to impart the news and developments we need to care for ourselves, our families and our communities — and that’s Dr. Ramas.

Amy Thogmartin – Centivox.com

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